Whether you are in utility construction or distribution, sign, lighting or traffic signalization Jack’s got your back with the brand names you know Elliott, Versalift, Skylift, Brooks Brothers, Reelstrong and TSE. A selection of insulated and non-insulated aerial lift work platforms and bucket trucks, reel systems, trailers and more. Equipment. Parts. Service.

Utility Equipment

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Reel Trailers

We RENT Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Reel Trailers from Reelstrong and Brooks Brothers in both Galvanized, and Steel build specs.

Tension Trailers

We RENT Tension Trailers from TSE International. From Four Drum Pullers, Bullwheel Tensioners, and VGroove Puller/Tensioners. We offer it all!

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Rodder/Puller Trucks

We RENT Rodder Puller Trucks from TSE International. These trucks come with 12,000lb Rodder/Puller capability, with 2300′ x 0.461 Rod

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High Reach Trucks and Material Handlers

We RENT High Reach and Material Handler units in both insulated and non-insulated configurations to support all your Transmission and Distribution needs.

VN  Truck

Bucket Trucks

We RENT Squirt Buckets and more from Elliot, Versalift, and Dur-a-lift and more!

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Digger Derricks

We RENT Digger Derricks from Elliot and Versalift, and offer the most dig coverage for your application!

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Boom Trucks and Work Platforms

We RENT Boom Trucks and Work Platform trucks from Elliott Equipment. 40 Ton Lifting Capacity Boom Trucks, and uo tp 215′ Working Height Work platforms!

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Track Mounted Digger Derricks

We RENT track mounted digger derricks from SkyLift. 44′ Working Height, with available Bucket, MG Jobs, Remotes etc.

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Track Mounted Buckets and Material Handlers

We RENT Track Mounted Buckets and Material Handlers from SkyLift. Up to 61′ working Height, with available Bucket, Material Handler Jibs, Remotes etc.

Why Buy?

We carry the best pieces of equipment available on the market from many top leading, and trusted brands. In the market for a new industrial vacuum? We’ve got you covered. JDC is commited to getting you the best equipment for the purposes of your job. Any vacuum truck, you need for industrial purposes, just give us a call, or send and email, and leave the rest to us.

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