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We at JDC are proud to be a supplier of Elliott and all of the products and equipment they offer. Elliott set themselves apart with the M43 Hireach truck, when it comes to aerial lift equipment it’s in a category of its own. Contact the Jack Doheny Company today to inquire about our selection of available Elliott trucks and equipment like the M43 Hireach today. 


Elliott M43 Hireach

Elliott M43 Hireach

  • Working Height – 48′ / 14,6 m 
  • Side Reach – 38′ / 11,6 m 
  • Platform Size – 40″ x 60″ / 102×152 cm
  • Main Winch Capacity – 2,000 lb / 907 kg
  • Jib Winch Capacity – 500 lb / 227 kg
  • Front Outrigger Spread – 10’1″ / 3,1 m 
  • Rear Outrigger Spread – 10’1″ / 3,1 m 
  • Minimum GVWR – 19,500 lb / 8845 kg 

Why Buy?

JDC is very proud to be a supplier of Elliott equipment and trucks. With 15 coast to coast locations if you are searching for a hireach, look no further. We at JDC have made a commitment to suppling only the best for our customers. Contact us today and inquire about our available Elliott trucks and equipment.




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