Elliott M43 Hireach

An industry leading, unrestricted side reach with 360 degree stability. The Elliott M43 Hireach allows for smooth, percise operation no mattter the size of the work site. From the Doheny FLeet Force, the Elliott M43 possess a multi-functional design capable of stable handling  assisted by an aerial workplatform. 

Compact design

Designed to be compact and versitile, this high reach is perfect for accessing narrow spaces. Without compensating for efficiency, the Elliot M43 is ready for whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

EZR work platform

 Equipped with a 40″ X 60″ steel work platform, the cable free hydraulic extension allows for a machine that is directed to a specific angle and then extended to the desired height. Built to perform, its never been easier thanks to the Elliott M43 Hireach. 

Why Buy?

The Elliott M43 Highreach is capable of allowing multiple people to work on the  platform at at time. Coupled with electric hydraulics, it makes for smooth and precise operation of the equipment for the user. The Elliot M43 high-reach is built to last with a full length sub frame and fine tuned for stability, making for a long chassis life. Our mission at the Jack Doheny Company is to get our customers outfitted with the right equipment for the task, and the Elliott M43 is just that.


Elliott – Equipment for any Industry

“Elliott Equipment Company has been an innovator in the industry, engineering unique, multi-functional equipment for more than 70 years. Whether your job involves sign and lighting, demanding construction…” continue here



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