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lift station cleaning hydro excavation nozzle

JDC is now offering the latest in enz Camera nozzles. “Jack’s got your back” for all your sewer cleaning needs.

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Introducing the enz Camera Nozzle Product Line.

JDC helps you get the right nozzle for your job


Productivity: Two in one inspection and cleaning capabilities
Efficiency: Reduces need to utilize dedicated inspection equipment
Affordability: Entry level mainline inspection
Output: Increase inspection footage
Safety: On demand pipeline assessment

*enz eBulldog

enz eBulldog
enz eBomb Computer


  • Operates with iOS (iOS 12.2 or newer) and Android (Android 5.0 or newer with Google Chrome v84)
  • Integrated Data Management
  • User-Friendly enz App
  • Data Management with enz cloud

*enz eBomb 250

enz eBomb 250


Reliability: Maintenance free, self-contained camera
Data Management: Easy to use documentation and sharing capabilities
Capabilities: Multiple size, configurations, and performance options available
Usefulness: Easy to train and easy to use.
Support: Backed by industry leaders in sewer cleaning and inspection products

enz Camera Nozzles

enz eBulldog

enz eBulldog

enz eBomb 150

enz eBomb 150

enz eBomb 250

enz eBomb 250

enz Camera Nozzle Literature

enz ebomb
enz ebulldog


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