With boots and hands in the dirt, we support the people who service environmental needs and infrastructure projects. Our #1 goal is to be an extension of our customers’ team by solving challenges, outfitting their capabilities, and making significant contributions to the success of their businesses.


At a young age, Jack Doheny got his start in the sewer cleaning industry. He, along with his father, traveled across the country to demonstrate power sewer cleaners. And this exposure, combined with industry knowledge, led to Jack starting his own company in 1973.

Over time, Jack Doheny Supplies grew to become the leading provider of sewer cleaning equipment in the industry. Jack always spoke of being a trusted partner for his customers, and valued investing in the industry and in his customers’ businesses.

Jack’s legacy still continues to this day as Jack Doheny Company! We are the #1 provider of industrial cleaning, utility construction, gas and oil, and municipal stock in the industry. With fifteen coast to coast locations throughout the United States and Canada, Jack Doheny Company continues our story to serve as a trusted resource to our customers, by helping them solve challenges, and serving as an extension of their success.

With the largest equipment fleet and network of parts, tools, and accessories in North America, we dig in, and never stop.

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