Catch Basin Cleaner, Vacuum and Street Sweeper

For a winning road sweeper with multiple applications and high sweeper standards, look no further than the Elgin Megawind. These sweepers provide leaf and debris vacuuming, catch basin cleaning and street sweeping. This multi-purpose vacuum sweeper truck features a 12″ (3658 mm) vacuum hose with an industry-exclusive articulated power boom that includes a 180-degree hydraulic powered rotation allowing greater hose positioning options; a high-performance vacuum sweeper system; and a choice of large-capacity, tilt dumping debris bodies.

The Elgin Megawind is specially suited for general street sweeping, leaves and catch basin cleaning applications. These sweepers are specifically designed to be efficient in sucking up bulky debris such as leaves and sticks as well as construction debris.

Versatility, Maneuverability, Power, & Performance in One Package

Whether the task at hand includes picking up leaves, street sweeping, preventing basin loading or cleaning basins and inserts to remove debris before it moves down the system the new Megawind from Elgin Sweeper is for you. You can even tackle the removal of broken concrete or pavement pieces with ease. The Megawind combination leaf and debris vacuum, catch basin cleaner with optional street sweeper system delivers versatility, ease of use, power and performance to meet your vacuum truck needs.

This multipurpose truck features a 12” vacuum hose with an industry-exclusive articulating power boom that delivers 180-degree hydraulic powered rotation allowing greater hose positioning options; a high-performance vacuum system; and a choice of large-capacity, tilt dumping debris bodies. Ideally suited for municipalities with increased catch basin programs and general maintenance sweeping, this machine brings out the best in truck mounted vacuum cleaning technology.

The Megawind can be customized with a variety of options, giving you the flexibility to configure your machine to handle a variety of tough duty applications, including bridge deck work, asphalt/concrete demolition, and industrial plant clean-up.

Elgin Sweeper has a network of more than 100 dealer locations worldwide. So no matter where you work, Elgin Sweeper and your Elgin dealer are there to support and protect your investment upon delivery and for years down the road.


  • Auxiliary Engine: John Deere 4045TF (115hp)
  • Blower Rating: 30,000 CFM | 843 cu m/min
  • Articulating Boom Vacuum Hose: 180° | Reaching 200°
  • Vacuum Hose Reach & Diameter: 10 ft. Workable
  • Radius w/ a 12 in. Diameter Hose
  • Hopper Capacity: 10 & 13 cu yd | 7c12 m3
  • Water Capacity: 335 gal | 1268 Liters
  • Dump Location: RearChassis: Conventional or Cab-Over
  • Travel Speed: Highway Speeds

    Optional Sweeper System Available

Extension Broom

For enhanced sweeping and pick-up performance, the 54-inch (1372 mm) hydraulically-driven extension broom operates at a 24-degree windrow angle, directing the material into the path of the nozzle.

Sweeper System (Optional)

The optional sweeper system is specifically designed for bulky debris such as leaves and sticks. The components include a unique “open throat” suction nozzle, trailing arm side brooms and an extension broom. The open throat design reduces clogging and plugging associated with leaves, twigs, mud, bricks and broken pavement.

Choose single or dual 35-inch (890 mm) abrasion resistant suction nozzles. The 11-inch (279 mm) suction hose accepts large debris. The quick-disconnect feature allows an operator to inspect and clean the hose intake tube without raising the hopper. The standard nozzles are optimized for leaf and stick pick-up and utility sweeping.