Truck-Mounted Vacuum Sweeper

Looking for a truck-mounted vacuum sweeper with outstanding quality, high performance and built to rigorous sweeper standards? The Elgin Whirlwind combines a proven low maintenance design with an extra-wide sweeping path and short wheelbase. Whirlwind sweepers offer a pick-up performance and flexibility that allows you to select one nozzle or two, and 28” (711 mm) or 36” (914 mm) side brooms for a maximum sweep path of 12’ (3658 mm). These sweepers offer the choice of conventional or cab over chassis. From the unique extending nozzle to the overall robust construction, Whirlwind street sweepers are leaders in truck mounted vacuum sweepers.

The Elgin Whirlwind is specially suited for uneven roads and jobs involve dirt, sand, millings, general street sweeping, leaves and road debris applications. The Whirlwind has also been recognized as powerful tool for restoration of permeable pavement. The Whirlwind is excellent for general street sweeping and routine catch basin cleaning.

Powerful Cleaning System

Efficient air flow, including a superior vacuum source and air routing path, is at the heart of the Whirlwind. High volume air flow at high velocity results in exceptional one-pass pickup while eliminating plugging that can occur in similar type sweepers. A nine-vane closed face turbine fan is powered by a turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine for maximum airflow.


  • Auxiliary Engine: John Deere 4045TF (115hp)
  • Dumping Height: Ground Level
  • Sweeping Path Max: 12ft. (3658mm)
  • Water Capacity: 335 gal (1268l)
  • Dump Location: Rear
  • Chassis: Conventional or Cab-Over
  • Travel Speed: Highway Speeds

Superior Dust Suppression

Proper use of water is essential for dust suppression, sweeping performance, and longevity of sweeper components. Two heavy-duty water pumps – one for the right-hand suction nozzle, side broom, and extension broom, and one for the left-hand suction nozzle and side broom – are capable of run-dry operation. Two durable polyethylene water tanks provide 335 gal (1268 L) of water to up to24* high quality, agricultural grade water nozzles in easy-to-access locations. High/low selectable pump speeds allow for application-dependent dust suppression.

High Capacity / Efficient Loading

The 8 yd³(6 m³) capacity hopper provides extended sweeping time. Abrasion-resistant steel inlet deflector(s) direct debris flow to the center of the hopper for even,efficient material loading and maximum capacity utilization.