265 Series

The Wille 265 can cope with even the toughest snow-clearing operations. The resistance of snow does not steer the machine off-course, and its wheels effortlessly advance in deep snow. The efficient motor hydraulics with a flow of 90 lpm power the various work attachments.

375 Series

This machine is your trusted player in the renovation of street and park areas 365 days a year. Exceptional in its size category, the front loader which belongs to the standard equipment of the machine, makes Wille 375 a very versatile tool without any loss of agility. Thanks to the loader with extensive outreach and a comprehensive selection of work attachments, this one single machine is capable of more than a mini-tractor can do.

465 Series

The Wille 465 is the most popular environmental management machine its weight category. Although compact in size, the Wille 465 has a lot of the properties of the larger machines, and even long days will not make you feel tired. The cabin is spacious and visibility in all directions from the operator’s seat is excellent.

665 Series

The Wille 665 is unrivalled in its weight category. It is agile to move even in narrow spaces. It is powerful enough for both travelling between locations and plowing snow. Wille provides a better visibility to the operator compared to a traditional wheel loader.

865 Series

Our largest Wille model is designed for the knights of the roads – those of you who require high power and capacity from your machine. Wille 865 is an agile, yet at the same time versatile and powerful workhorse.