Cusco Mastervac

The Mastervac is the only series capable of handling both wet and dry materials. As the optimal choice when working with heavy sludge, fly ash, hazardous and non-hazardous applications, the Mastervac is equipped with cyclone/bag-house filtration technologies and airflow ratings of 2,500 CFM to 5,500 CFM, along with 28″ Hg of pulling power. The Mastervac can handle the toughest jobs in all types of working environments.

Cusco Turbovac

Our Turbovac series trucks are ideal for environmental remediation work, handling heavy sludge, slurries, and liquid waste materials without compromise. With cyclonic filtration technology, airflow ratings of 1,800 CFM to 5,500 CFM, and powered with 28″ Hg of vacuum, this system is your solution to the most complex hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, transportation, and remediation problems.

Cusco Duravac

For problematic extreme weather and operation conditions, the Duravac series is the best options for the job. This unit is specifically engineered with heated valves and heavy-duty construction for off-road applications in oil and gas fields.

Cusco Industrial Vac

As Cusco’s most popular choice of vacuum equipment, the Industrial Vac is the perfect unit for industrial clean-up and environmental remediation work. The available vacuum systems range from 350 CFM to 670 CFM and generate 28″ Hg of vacuum, making it ideal for picking up and removing liquid or semi-solid waste materials.

Cusco Liquid Ring

Cusco has engineered this unit to provide our customers with an alternative to rotary lobe and vane style vacuum systems. This system is ideally suited for the pickup and removal of liquids, slurries, sludge, and dry aggregate materials.

Cusco Hydro Trencher (Hydro Excavator)

The Hydro Trencher series of hydro excavation equipment provides separate water storage, improved weight distribution, higher corrosion resistance, and improved dumping safety. This premier hydro excavator is designed for directional boring and the removal of waste materials including liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel, and other solid waste.

Cusco Scrubber

The Cusco Industrial Vac Scrubber is a safe, effective, and efficient way of providing vacuum truck services while reducing VOCs.

Cusco Omnivac

The Cusco Omnivac is capable of vacuuming and hauling both wet and dry industrial material.

Cusco Transport Trailer

The Cusco Transport Trailer is the ideal method for the vacuum, containment, and on-road transportation of hazardous liquid material.


Cusco has a quality control department that is dedicated to ensuring all of our tanks are built to the most stringent requirements and specifications. Their Quality Control Program has been approved by the National Board, US-DOT and Transport Canada as well as the Jurisdiction of Ontario and Authorized Inspection agency in Ontario (TSSA). We hold a ‘U’ stamp of ASME, ‘NB’ and ‘R’ stamps of The National Board, and register every pressure vessel built with The National Board.