Simple Operation

The simple design of the Cusco Industrial Vac Scrubber reduces the overall steps required to operate the truck while providing a safer working environment.

  • Simple manual controls on the driver side of the truck allows for complete operation of the truck from a single point
  • The scrubber system can be easily bypassed without the need for multiple air actuated valves
  • Easy clean out ports allows for carbon to be easily removed and changed on a single side
  • Ladder assembly and walk way is provided on the truck for easy and safe access to carbon loading ports

Reliability & Safety

Cusco’s easy design reduces the number of moving parts preventing failures in the field reducing downtime and improving safety.

  • Easy access sampling ports between each vessel
  • Dual temperature gauges on each carbon bed
  • Emergency water tank with pump for quick fire extinguishing
  • Newson Gale grounding system
The Cusco Industrial Vac Scrubber is a safe, effective, and efficient way of providing vacuum truck services while reducing VOC’s.

2-Part Scrubbing

  • Compact vapor scrubber system capability of overall vapor removal efficiency of over 99%.
  • Dual filtration system consists of 125 gallon chemical tank acting as the first filtration, and dual 500 pound carbon beds acting as the final air filtration reducing overall V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds) from ever entering the air leaving the truck.