Presvac Powervac

The Presvac Powervac is the ultimate PD Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum Loader. Operate as an air mover for dry applications or use full vacuum and extreme recovery rates for the toughest liquid, sludge and slurry jobs. The material knock out features in the Powervac debris tank minimize carry over.

Presvac Hydro Vac (Hydroexcavator)

The Presvac Hydrovac is a versatile hydro-excavator designed for cold weather operation. The high vacuum blower allows for extraction of all types of soils, gravel, rock, clay, water and silt. The material knock out features in the debris tank minimize carry over. Modular filtration configured to blower size provides superior blower protection and minimal maintenance.

Presvac Liquid Vac

The Presvac Liquidvac is a versatile CODE vacuum truck. It can be configured to suit a broad range of applications: Tank cleaning, line jetting, collection and transport of hazardous liquids and sludges, material transfer, etc.

Presvac VOC Scrubber

Simple to operate, service, and maintain, the Presvac VOC Scrubber offers minimal downtime with a full opening door and large tipping angle. In addition the modular construction and variety of options, the VOC Scrubber allows for custom configuration to meet your application requirements.


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