Bigger is better! The 755 creates 3600 CFM and 27 in. of Hg. All the power you need to perform the toughest of projects. This is one of the more popular models due to its powerful performance servicing industries such Sandblasting / Painting, Ship Cleaning, Foundries, Factories, Mining, Blast Recovery, and Waster Treatment.


Trailer Mounted: Chassis-Tandem 8000 lb. Axles / 4 in. x 6 in. Rectangular Tube Frame: Four / 8 ft. 4 in x 18 ft. w/ Four / 8 Lug P225R-16 Ten Ply / Steel Belted Radials. DOT Lighting w/ Electric Brakes / Enclosed Trailer Light Wiring Harness / Sealed Junction Boxes

Power Source: John Deere Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine / 6.8 L Cylinder / 225 hp @ 2,400 RPM.

PTO (Clutch): Twin Disc 11.5 in. w/ Iron Plates

Vaccuum Air Flow (Blower): Roots Dresser 3600 CFM Capable of 27 in. Hg / Direct Drive through Flex Coupling w/ Guard

Filtration System: (3-Stage)

Stage 1: Cyclonic Seperation

Stage 2: Baghouse / 37 Teflon Coated, Quick Change Filter Bags w/ Continuous Reverse Pulse Air Cleaning

Stage 3: High Efficiency Blower Safety Filter

Hydraulics:3.5 GPM / 2,200 PSI / Direct Driven

Enclosure: Lockable Steel Shroud Over All Major Components

Instrument Panel (Fully Enclosed): 2 Volt Key Start / Murphy Safety System (Low Oil Pressure / High Water Temperature – Auto Shut Down) / Gauges: Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Ammeter, Tachometer w/ Hour Meter, Filter Cleaning ON / OFF Switch, Material Vacuum & Dump Time Controls

Air Compressor: Direct Drive Midland Twin Cylinder / Water Cooled & Oil Pressure Fed. Midland Air Dryer w/ Electronic Heater.

ASME Certified Air Tank Mounted on Vibration Isolators (Provides Air to Pneumatic Controls and the Self Cleaning Filter System)