The PANORAMO system reduces stress for operators and increases productivity and the way we inspect our underground infrastructure. The revolutionary PANORAMO digital pipeline scanner will change the way you inspect pipelines.

ibak tractors


As a critical part of the inspection system, the IBAK tractor carries the camera into the pipeline. Our tractors are designed and engineered to work in pipeline environments. Compact, powerful, durable, and agile, our tractors will provide you with years of dependable operation.

Camera Heads

IBAK has pioneered new and advanced sewer pipeline inspection camera attachments for decades with a focus on diverse features compatible for all their equipment. The optics in IBAK sewer cameras are specifically designed for viewing pipelines with minimal distortion. With abundant lighting, these cameras provide a clear, crisp image.


Premium equipment requires a control system to match. For over 50 years, IBAK has been manufacturing sewer inspection equipment that is easy to use and incredibly efficient. With IBAK controllers, you can be sure that you’ll have the confidence you need to handle the toughest jobs.

Reels & Cables

The cable reel is one of the most important pieces of the inspection system. IBAK’s line of cable reels are designed specifically to work with IBAK equipment and to withstand the harsh environments that you encounter. All mainline cable is Kevlar-reinforced and coated for protection.

MiniLite Push Camera

Whether you are an experienced plumber or a contractor that specializes in industrial inspections, the power and flexibility of the MiniLite Push Camera System can add a powerful tool to your arsenal. The multitude of camera options and the system’s advanced features will allow you to inspect more pipe and take on jobs that other contractor cannot accomplish.

Complete Systems

To help simplify the system building processing and meet all of your application requirements, custom packages have been designed to address common inspection needs. Popular packages include Portable Mainline, Core Mainline, Premium Mainline, Elite Mainline, Lateral Launch, and Full Digital/3D System option




For specific applications, IBAK offers unique accessories and attachments for a variety of products, such as flushing nozzles, laser profilers, and camera raft systems. All attachments are cross-compatible for many IBAK products, and include a great amount of possible configurations.

GATOR Cutters & Grinders

Introducing the most advanced line of cutting and grinding robots on the market today, The GATOR Series by IBAK provides operators with the quiet, clean power needed to accomplish the toughest jobs. The revolution of electrical cutter/grinders means that you can do your entire line from one access point without noisy air compressors or messy hydraul



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