KW 180 SI Powered Reel

The KW 180 SI Powered Reel is designed specifically for the PANORAMO SI inspection system package with permanent installation in a vehicle or trailer with a capacity of up to 328 feet of high-strength fiber optic cable. Features include: Automatic Level-Wind, Full Power Cable Rewind and Payout, Optional Adjustable Boom and Work Light, Compact Easy-to-Install Design, and a Remote Control Pendant for tractor functions.

KW 305 Synchronized Reel

The KW 305 Synchronized Reel is the most popular reel for use in mainline and lateral launch inspections with a capacity of up to 1000 feet of high-strength inspection cable.. Features include: Adjustable boom and Optional Work Light, Integrated Power Winch for lowering and retrieving equipment, Automatic Level-Wind, Fully Synchronized Cable Management, and a Remote Control Pendant for tractor and lateral launch functions.

KW LISY Synchronized Reel

The IBAK RapidView KW LISY Synchronized Reel is a cable reel which can supply cameras connected to the LISY inspection system package. The KW LISY Synchronized Reel can hold up to 590 ft. of camera cable; of which 131 ft. are for the so-called “Magic Push Rod”. This is a guide hose containing both the camera cable and the push rod.

KW 310 Synchronized Reel

The KW 310 Synchronized Reel is a fully automatic motor-driven cable reel holding up to 984 ft. of cable. This reel, much like the KW 305, can be used in combination with LISY cable reels and with the PANORAMO Series of camera systems and fiber optic cables.