When a full-sized combination sewer cleaner isn’t in your budget, the Vactor 2103 Midsize Combination Sewer Cleaner is the solution in the event of a sewer line blockage, broken storm water line or routine maintenance. Powerful enough to tackle the big jobs—and designed to the same exacting standards as our full-sized models—the mid-sized Vactor 2103 Combination Sewer Cleaner delivers greater maneuverability on the job and helps keep operating costs low.

The Vactor 2103 is ideal for large municipalities requiring a sewer cleaning truck for fast response or as an emergency backup vehicle. Small communities use it as a lower-cost alternative to perform regular maintenance and repair storm water lines. Contractors and utilities choose the Vactor 2103 it for its exceptional versatility. This combination machine is perfect for municipalities and contractors who are ready to upgrade from a trailer to a truck mounted unit which doesn’t require a CDL to operate.

Fully Hydraulic Boom and Pick-Up Hose

Provides effortless in / out, up / down, and left / right movement w/ 120° rotation for easy position into hard-to-reach areas. Trouble-free hydraulic power eliminates adjustment and maintenance problems common to sprocket and chain systems.

Blower is a Positive Displacement, rotary-drive type, chassis-driven directly through a heavy-duty transfer case. The belt-less drive eliminates drive line slips and intensive maintenance while boosting efficiency and reliability. Maximum inlet volume is 2,100 CFM and 15 in. (381 mm) Hg vacuum.

Front-Mounted Hose Reel

Front mount provides the operator with a safe, efficient workstation. Reel provides 120° rotation on a heavy-duty bearing with 500 ft x 3/4 in (152 m x 19 mm) hose capacity. Hydraulic-driven with speed and forward / reverse controls conveniently located at the reel.

Non-corrosive, rust and crack-resistant design backed by a 1- year warranty. Baffled cylindrical shape adds high strength and durability.



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