Ideal for Hydrocarbon Vacuuming

Primarily used for reclaiming hydrocarbons, the Guzzler Liquid Ring (LR) ACE industrial vacuum loader combines high vacuum power (28″), four-stage filtration and modular filter components for easy maintenance — with a liquid ring pump. The unique design makes the liquid ring pump virtually maintenance free and allows for quiet operation.

Superior Design from the World Leader in Vacuum Solutions

All filter components are 100 % accessible. No material bridge-points in baghouse and cyclone hoppers, as in other brands. All filter components can be individually unbolted and replaced, unlike unibody designs with high-wear cyclone components. All doors (except rear door) use same universal D-ring hollow core material. No custom-poured arc gaskets; are cut to fit, and field replaceable. Fewest gasketed surfaces of any vacuum loader on the market. Factory-installed at International or Sterling, directly couples vacuum pump to chassis engine. Mounted on vibration isolators to accommodate truck frame movement. Vulcan coupler or pulsation dampener not required, as on other brands. Designed specifically for the Guzzler ACE. Factory-installed transfer case ensures exact alignment of all drive components. Factory-installed, dash-mounted PTO controls for greater reliability and ease of use. Jump-start studs provided for remote equipment power supply. 1/2 in. (12.7mm) steel-plate construction prevents deflection and warping. Tapered, locking, over-center chocks and three top-mounting brackets ensure a positive, leak-proof seal. Central hydraulic manifold provides single access point for adjustments. Two double-acting, hydraulic cylinders (versus up to four on other brands) for less maintenance. Hinge blocks are shimmed to allow adjustment.

The Guzzler ACE was designed by contractors, incorporating the world’s leading vacuum loader technologies. Every system and component has been engineered for maximum productivity. The ACE can handle the full spectrum of wet and dry material, from remote or inaccessible locations. Day in and day out, no other design delivers the productivity you get with an ACE.

Choosing an ACE is different than other makes; you’re not stuck with one configuration. You start wit ha high-performance aCE Vacuum loader, and then add just about any offloading system, filtration or specialized component you’d like. The result is an ACE, built for your applications.