Powerful Hydro-excavation

When high-flow hydro excavation is required, the Guzzcavator blasts away soil with jets of up to 20 gallons of water per minute, at pressures up to 2,500 PSI in a dual-lance setup. Depending on the pump selection, variable water pressure adjustment and nozzle tip configuration, the truck’s 1,300 gallon stainless steel water tank provides up to seven hours of continuous operation between refills.

Ease of Operation

A wireless remote is standard and includes boom controls, full water pump control, vacuum enable / disable, and the standard emergency stop which brings the unit to a safe condition. Toggle switch controls are mounted in a single, full sealed aluminum panel for easy monitoring including blower tachometer, E-Stop, blower temperature and hourmeter; hydraulic, vacuum and air pressure gauges. The wiring is harnessed, color-coded and each circuit clearly function stamped and individually grounded.

The Guzzcavator is the first truly dual purpose machine with the same industrial cleaning capabilities as the Guzzler Classic. Having the same hydro excavation capabilities as the Vactor HXX the Guzzcavator is one of the most versatile vacuum trucks on the market. This feature enables the Guzzcavator to handle a variety of applications, including standard wet/dry industrial cleaning, potholing, vacuum excavation services, as well as oil and gas field support. Industrial cleaning contractors who are constantly challenged to get jobs done faster and do more with less now get a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system that cleans and recovers solids and dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge, combined with an easy-to-operate vacuum excavation truck that can also take on tough excavating jobs. The improved utilization and expanded versatility and productivity all add up to an improved bottom line.

Ease of Maintenance

The operator has easy, safe access to the top of the Guzzcavator with a standard ladder, catwalk and railing. Baghouse and cyclone top inspection doors are accessed via the heavy-duty platform. Standard safety features include and E-Stop, body and rear door props, hydraulic check valves on all lift cylinders, back-up alarm and transfer case protection to prevent damage from shifting errors. An 8 in (203mm), air-operated relief valve with wireless control, 4 in. (102mm) manual relief valve, and in-line, manual safety-T are also standard. The E-Stop cuts power to disable the vacuum and hydraulics and throttle the chassis engine down to idle.

Optional Features

An optional 400,000 or 800,000 BTU / hr water heater is available to help cut through frozen ground an clay, and to aid in cleaning applications.