TRUVAC by Vactor HXX Hydro Excavator

The Vactor Positive Displacement (PD) Vacuum Excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors. Its high vacuum capabilities allow material to be moved from great depths and distances, previously not achievable with centrifugal compressors.

TRUVAC by Vactor Prodigy

For power in a compact package, look to the mid-sized Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavation truck. The Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator is the perfect non-destructive machine for utility and municipal applications.

TRUVAC by Vactor ParaDIGm

The Vactor HXX ParaDIGm is the most innovative, versatile compact vacuum excavator available. Ideally suited ideally suited for subsurface utility engineering (SUE) contractors and other design planning firms involved in civil, road, municipal, commercial, industrial and residential projects, the ParaDIGm can handle your specific applications with ease.



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