Schellvac SVHX

Schellvac SVHX12 Hydro Excavator

The SVHX12 is a tandem 12-yard hydrovac combined with a self-steering pusher axle. The hydraulically opening rear door allows fast dumping and hustles free washdown of the truck at the end of a job day.  The 1200 US gallons water capacity allows to fill the debris tank, whilst reducing weight being hauled. Due to its superior design, the SVHX12 hydrovac offers an excellent driving experience. The weight distribution allows for an optimum balance between front and rear axles making it not only safe but increases the payload whilst keeping the driving experience at a maximum.

The SVHX12 was designed to bring you the full advantage in a bigger and lighter body. Lighter and more powerful than its siblings, the SVHX12 is the number one unit for your toughest jobs in the city or in the fields. Cut your costs and bump up your profits. This hydrovac truck performs and provides massive time and fuel savings over time. The whole layout is tailored with the operator in mind. Fast dumping, easy operations, and preparations will make the SVHX12 your operators new favorite hydrovac.



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