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For years the Jack Doheny Company has been a trusted supplier of  Federal Signal tools and equipment. We at JDC are beyond proud to be recognized as the largest dealer of sewer cleaning equipment in North America. With 15 locations coast to coast, we have the inventory on hand our customers need and want. Contact the Jack Doheny Company today to inquire about our selection of available Federal Signal tools and equipment today. 

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Why Buy?

The Jack Doheny Company is very proud to be a trusted supplier of Federal Signal products. Since our founding we have made our mark we have grown to be the largest coast to coast supplier in North America. With over 15 locations, we’ve got the inventory onhand to meet your needs. And Give us at JDC a call right away to ask about our available products from Federal Signal.


Pulsator LED Light

  • Polycarbonate dome and base
  • Built in permanent 1-in pipe mount
  • Tall and short models available
  • Multi-voltage 12/24 VDC
  • SAE Class 1&2


UltraStar LED Light

  • DIE-cast aluminum permanent 1-in pipe mount base
  • 14 selectable flash pattersn
  • Multi Voltage 12-24 VDC
  • SSE Class 1

Micro pulse LED Light

  • 12 LED’s
  • 18 flash patterns
  • Two modes of operation
  • Black bezel included
  • Single/multi unit synchronization
  • SAE class 1
  • Available in green



Latitude LED Light

  • Interior and exterior mounting brackets
  • innovative co-extrusion, polycarbonate housing provides moisture resistance
  • Left, Right and Center Out warning
  • SAE class 1




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