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For decades Guzzler has been manufacturing industrial vacuum and excavation equipment. We at JDC are proud to be a supplier of Guzzler with our 15 coast to coast locations. Guzzler vacuum trucks are set apart with the crafts-menship of their equipment. Contact the Jack Doheny Company today to inquire about our selection of available Guzzler vacuum excavation equipment today. 


Guzzler Guzzcavator


  • Jets up to 20 gallons of water per minute
  • 2,500 PSI
  • 1,300 gallon stainless steel water tank
  • 7 hours of continuous operations between refills

Guzzler Classic


  • Efficient drilling mud removal
  • Clean up and recover valuable raw material (solids, dry bulk powders, liquids) 
  • Oil sludge and water removal
  • Frac tank cleaning and general tank cleaning

Guzzler XCR


First introduced by Guzzler in 1986, the XCR is the original offloading system. Available as the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader, the XCR option saves time and money by allowing users to offload material into a variety of collection vessels without interrupting the vacuuming process. It is ideal for catalyst recovery applications.

Guzzler NX


The Guzzler NX industrial vacuum loader has been designed for more efficient, easier operation from the inside out. Providing the same great quality, productivity and industry-leading performance the Guzzler NX vac truck features a modular design which lowers the unit’s overall weight for improved fuel economy and increased carrying capacity. Built for cleanup and recovery of a wide range of materials, this machine provides total operator control over working speed, making it the most versatile industrial vacuum loader on the market.

Why Buy?

With decades of experience, JDC is proud to be the largest dealer of Guzzler industrial vacuum and excavation equipment. With our available trained and certified service technicians, we have the team for the job when it comes to service. With 15 locations we are sure to have the Guzzler you’re looking for. Contact JDC today to discuss our inventory of Guzzler industrial vacuum and excavation equipment.

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