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Helix Laboratories is dedicated to delivering non-hazardous, eco-friendly solutions engineered to optimize sewer performance, ensuring the health of communities, the environment, and waste water infrastructure. Using bio augmentation and chemical technology, Helix is on the forefront of non-hazardous chemical and microbial solutions. Jack Doheny Company is proud to a distributor of Helix Laboratories deFOG products: JetBugs, Grease Blocks, and Porc N Bags.

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Why Buy?

Designed to digest greases in sewers, the products produced by Helix Labs are second to none in their application. JDC has made a commitment to supplying only the best for our customers. With dedicated experts with decades of experience, we at JDC have the Doheny Know-How to educate our customers on  usage, application, and selection. Inquire about our available Helix Labs deFOG products. See what else is available From JDC by Helix Labs, contact JDC today.


BioFresh – Biological odor control dispensed via metering pump 1, 6, or 55 gallons
Seed Cases – Seedpipe grease control liquid shock dose
Minimizer Liquid – Dispensed via a metering pump, available in 6 or 55 gallons
HL 5000 deFOG – designed to digest sewer grease




Bred to digest F.O.G. (fats, oils, grease) in sewers, biodegradable JetBugs combines chemical and microbial degreasers to clean fast and effectively. Jetbugs is a powerful first step in preventing SSOs and residential backups, and to boosting sewer capacity

  • Installs on any combination equipment
  • Doses product directly from swappable 6-gallon pails; no messy material transfer
  • Injects JetBugs into water line at proper ratio
  • Toggles on/off (for hydro excavation with no residual degreaser)

Grease Blocks


  • Dispensed manually for time release
  • Available in 2lbs block (case of 6) and 8lbs block (case of 4)

Porc N Bags


  • Dispensed manually
  • Available in a 30lbs pail


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