Air, hydro, trailer mounted, mid-size, and full-size vacuum excavators are rent-ready through the Doheny FleetForce. 

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Guzzler Classic

Guzzler Classic

For solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge, the Guzzler CL (Classic) is a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system. Depending on material type, the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader can operate effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away.

Guzzler Guzzcavator

Guzzler Guzzcavator

The Guzzcavator is a multi-purpose vacuum truck that combines the performance of the Guzzler CL vacuum loader and the Vactor HXX Hydroexcavator, without compromising productivity. The Guzzcavator is versatile, with a powerful air filtration system that can handle traditional wet/dry vacuum, and the large water supply for vacuum excavation applications. It features a 27” Hg, 5100 CFM PD blower.

Guzzler NX

Guzzler NX 

The Guzzler NX industrial vacuum loader is designed for more efficient operation. It features a modular design that lowers the unit’s overall weight for improved fuel economy and increased carrying capacity. Built for cleanup and recovery of a wide range of materials, this machine provides total operator control over working speed, making it the most versatile industrial vacuum loader on the market.

Guzzler Hi Rail

Guzzler High Rail

For industrial vacuum solutions, the Guzzler High Rail is a rail-ready, boom-equipped, self-contained vacuum truck that used vacuum power to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from truck beds. It features a 27” Hg, 5100 CFM PD blower.

Guzzler XCR

Guzzler XCR

Introduced  in 1986, the XCR is the original, patented, and continuous production offloading system, available on the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader. The XCR option saves time and money by allowing users to offload material into a variety of collection vessels without interrupting the vacuuming process. It is ideal for catalyst recovery applications. It features a 27” Hg, 5100 CFM PD blower.



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