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The Jack Doheny Company is readily stocked with Piranha sewer hose products across our 15 North American locations. With the capabilities to mend, repair, and replace any hose you could need at all of our JDC locations. We also offer training in additon to repair and replacement. Contact the Jack Doheny Company today to inquire about our selection of Piranha sewer cleaning hose products and offerings. 

Guzzler hi rails, air movers, vacuum truck rentals


Sewer Nozzles & Spray Angle

Why Buy?

Need a sewer hose? JDC has Piranha sewer cleaning hoses available across our 15 North American locations.  JDC has made a commitment to suppling just the best for our customers. And it has never been easier to receive the tools, and training you need. Inquire today about our available sewer hose products by Piranha. 


Piranha Sewer Hose


  • 1” @2,500 PSI – 600’   PN SPOR-MM16X600-WOOD
  • ¾” @ 4,000 psi – 500’   PN  SPOR-MM12X500-WOOD
  • ½” @ 4,000 psI –  500’   PN   LLGR-MM0X500
  • ½” @ 3,000 psi  –  200’  PN   LLBU-MM08X200
  • ½” @ 5,000 PIS – 500’   PN  LLRD-MM08X500


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