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Cusco DOT Turbovac EQ#7643

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Equipment Location: Twinsburg, OH

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cusco DOT Turbovac 3627 Hi Loader with Boom
TANK CAPACITY: 3200 USG + 3% Outage
DESIGN: Design shall withstand 25 PSI internal pressure and 15 PSIG external pressure and shall meet all the requirements of Section VIII Division 1 of the A.S.M.E. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. National Board Registered. Department of Transportation Specifications DOT 407/412. Boom Disclaimer: Tank is not in compliance with DOT regulations when boom is installed.
HEAD MATERIAL: 0.3125 SA516-70
SHELL MATERIAL: 0.3125 SA516-70
TANK DIAMETER: 78" OD Front, 42" OD Rear Eccentric
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20 to 200 degrees F
PRESSURE RELIEF: 4" SS Girard pressure vent, 25 PSIG MAWP setting mounted top of tank.
PRIMARY SHUT-OFF: 8” internal shut-off with 12" stainless steel float ball/cage assembly and 8" rubber
BAFFLE: One anti surge mounted on reinforcing pad.
RINGS: Circumferential reinforcement rings with tank support feet.
OVERTURN PROTECTION: Front, center, and rear 4" pipe construction overturns with reinforcement pads and gussets.
MANWAY: 20" diameter located top of tank.

LIQUID LEVEL INDICATOR: Stainless Steel construction rotary float gauge with 6” float ball assembly located on front driver side with grab handle and up position tie back.
REAR DOOR: Hydraulic full opening rear door assembly with four (4) heavy duty wing clamps, neoprene rubber rear door gasket, and double acting hydraulic cylinder,.
SUCTION VALVE: 6" ANSI Betts air open/spring close valve and Betts actuator, 6" stand pipe/deflector plate assembly, aluminum Kamlok fittings mounted on transition.
DISCHARGE VALVE: 6" ANSI Betts air open/spring close valve and Betts actuator with 6" manual ball valve in series and aluminum Kamlok fittings with 1" drain valve in cap mounted on bottom transition.
ISOLATION VALVE: 8” air operated butterfly valve between primary and cyclone with manual air switch control.
FILTRATION SYSTEM: Dual 20" diameter cyclones mounted on 20" diameter drop box with side swing clean out, 3" brass drain valve and aluminum Kamlok fittings, Cusco 30” diameter final filter assembly installed for protection of blower with 20” diameter stainless steel core 100 micron filter.
SILENCERS: 12" intake and exhaust silencers.
BLOWER SPECIFICATIONS: 6" manual butterfly vacuum relief valve and 10" inline check valve assembly.
BLOWER PIPING: Single 8" diameter with 8" quick disconnect rubber boot assembly
BLOWER VALVING: 6" manual butterfly vacuum relief valve and 10" inline check valve assembly
DRIVE: Driven from Air Shift Transfer Case.
PRESSURE UNLOADING SYSTEM: Moro PM80 air cooled vacuum/pressure pump (350 CFM free air 28" Hg) hydraulically driven with 3" air operated isolation butterfly valve, 3" diameter no disconnect piping, 3" secondary moisture trap filter and muffler/oil trap assembly.
HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR: Mounted on hydraulic dump sub-frame with suction strainer, diffuser, fill cap, hydraulic oil filters, and sight glass
HYDRAULIC DUMP SYSTEM: Full length hydraulic Hi Loader sub-frame with 20 ton, single acting dump cylinder, rear dump pivot assembly and safety brace.
VIBRATOR: Hydraulic vibrator assembly mounted bottom of tank with reinforcing pad, heavy duty mounting channel and pressure relief valve
HYDRAULIC CONTROLS: 3-spool valve body for control of pressure unloading system/vibrator, rear door and hydraulic dump complete with Hydraulic pressure gauge. Controls to be located on the driver side of unit near control panel.

GAUGES: Turbovac gauge panel assembly with tank vacuum/pressure gauge, filter element vacuum gauges, tachometer, throttle control and 3” isolation valve control. Panel to be lighted for night operation. Panel to be located on the driver side of unit near hydraulic controls.
SIDE TRAYS: Full-length side boxes for hose storage / fender assembly with anti-sail mud-flaps and rear tire skirt.
TRIM: Ladder Assembly mounted on the driver side of the tank c/w side box ladder (4) Numbered Placards 50' Static Line Steel Toolbox - 36" wide x 18" deep x 18" high
LIGHTING: DOT LED Lighting (3) Lamp Rear Module Assembly Clearance Lamps Reflectors (3) in a Row Clearance Markers (2) Rear Halogen Flood lights and (1) at controls (1) Rear Amber Strobe Beacon
BUMPER: DOT rear bumper for protection of external valves with platform/step assembly and rear dirt shield. Bumper drip tray with 2" manual drain valve. (2) additional steps on top of rear bumper for easy access to rear door wing nuts.
WATER JACKETS: Installed on rear valves for future installation of heated valve option
PAINTING: The entire tank and body of the vacuum system shall be sandblasted and primed with two (2) coats of primer and painted with two (2) coats of single stage Axalta paint.
BOOM: 6” Moro hydraulic boom assembly with 320 degree hydraulic rotation, 4 ft. hydraulic extension, plunger valve and remote pendent control, both wired and wireless.. Note: 1. TANK IS NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH DOT REGULATIONS WHEN BOOM IS INSTALLED. 2. BLIND FLANGE FOR BOOM NOZZLE INCLUDED FOR DOT OPERATION,
CHASSIS: 2015 Kenworth T880 Tandem Axle w/ Pusher Chassis, Cummins X15 450 HP Engine and Eaton Fuller FRO16210C 10-Speed Manual Transmission

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