The Doheny FleetForce™ 

Largest equipment line up from coast to coast


Trust Jack Doheny Company for short or long-term rental plans. Ask about customizable, rent-to purchase options.

Sewer Cleaning

With combination sewer cleaners, advanced cleaning tools, easement machines, recyclers, and more, our equipment is from the proven leader in the sewer cleaning industry. Our fleet consists of versatile options that can handle any job you have with ease.

Vacuum Excavation

Faster, safer, and with greater precision, our fleet consists of air, hydro, trailer-mounted, mid-size, and full-size vacuum excavators, some with no CDL requirements. Our premium vacuum excavators can handle the toughest jobs you face.

Industrial Vacuum

The Doheny Fleet Force provides the latest models of wet and dry vacuum trucks in the industry. With the most advanced safety and productivity options available, our wet and dry vacuum trucks can also be equipped with rail-gear attachments, liquid ring pumps, stainless steel options, and more.

DOT Vacuum

From a variety of manufacturers, our liquid and straight vacuum truck offerings vary in specifications to meet your needs. With options of high CFM, liquid ring, high off-load pressure, auto shutdown, and tandem/pusher axel configuration, we have the specifications needed to get your job done.


With the most technologically advanced inspection equipment in the industry, the Doheny Fleet Force has what you need to get the job done. For mainline and lateral inspection, manhole scanning, and more, trust Jack Doheny Company while you’re on the job.

Additional Equipment

The Doheny Fleet Force includes various specialty equipment for your specific application. For waste hauling, street sweeping, mainline pipeline inspection, lateral pipeline inspection, and more, our premium equipment gives you the confidence you need to get the job done.

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