Dur-A-Lift DTAX-39 Aerial Lift Truck

Now available at our Bolton, Ontario facility,  Dur-A-Lift’s DTAX-39 aerial lift truck boasts working hights up to 44 feet, side reach up to 30 feet, and 180 degree basket rotation, perfect for utility contrators or telecommunication companies. Looking for your next rental? Explore all that the DTAX-39 can handle below. 


Our Above Frame (AF) cable hoists are versatile enough to work with any truck chassis, suspensions, exhaust systems, and fuel tanks. The AF hoist is ideal for use with alternative fuel chassis such as CNG and LNG. The single-cylinder reeving system improves load and unload speeds by up to 25%. Capacities are available in 60,000 to 75,000 lbs.

Elgin Mechanical Street Sweepers

Rugged and made to last, the Elgin® Broom Bear® four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper is the most efficient on the market. Mounted on a commercially available conventional or cab-over chassis with fully dualized controls (single-steer optional) and an intelligent single-engine design that utilizes the chassis engine to power the sweeper. 

Wille Tractors & Attachments

Wille is the most popular tractor on the market for the environmental management and maintenance of urban areas. Designed to operate throughout all four seasons, the articulated steering and location of the cabin in the front frame provides the operator with excellent working conditions. Available models include the 265, 365, 455B, 655C, and 855C Series with a wide array of seasonal attachments.