DOT Industrial Vac

The DOT Industrial Vac meets all ASME standard for the transport of hazardous liquid waste. The available vacuum systems range from 350 CFM to 670 CFM and generate 27″ Hg of vacuum, making it ideal for picking up and removing liquid or semi-solid waste materials.

DOT Hydro Excavator

Available in two models, the Cusco Hydro Trencher and the Presvac Hydro Vac are premier hydro excavators designed for directional boring and the removal of waste materials, including liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste. The Presvac Hydro Vac and Cusco Hydro Trencher Series are available in a wide range of configurations that will enable customers to meet their specific needs.

DOT Wet / Dry Vac

For the only series capable of handling both wet and dry materials, the Mastervac is the optimal choice when working with hazardous and non-hazardous applications. From heavy sludge to fly ash, the Mastervac is equipped with cyclone/baghouse filtration technologies and airflow ratings of 2,500 CFM to 5,500 CFM. With 28″ Hg of pulling power, the Mastervac can handle the toughest jobs in all types of working environments.

DOT Straight Vac PD

Ideal for environmental remediation work, our Turbovac series trucks can handle heavy sludge, slurries, and liquid waste materials without compromise. With cyclonic filtration technology, airflow ratings of 1,800 CFM to 5,500 CFM, and powered with 28″ Hg of vacuum, this system is your solution to the most complex hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, transportation, and remediation problems.

DOT Combo Vac

Equipped with a water system, the DOT Combo Vac is ideal for those who require the ability to transport liquid waste in compliance with DOT/ASME standards, with additional jetting capabilities.  

DOT Industrial Trailer Unit

The DOT Industrial Trailer has the ability to transfer hazardous materials in a trailer unit with a 130 bbl carrying capacity.