Cost savings are extremely important to any company, and renting equipment is a great way to relieve some of the financial burden. With our available rental equipment whether your purposes are  vacuum, excavation or sewer and inspection, we have the vacuum truck, or piece of equipment you need to get the work done for less. Contact our team at JDC to discuss the best options for you and your company, and inquire about our available rentals and rent to purchase options today.

Why Rent?

Need a vacuum truck or another piece of equipment and you aren’t sure whether buying is the right decision for you and your company at the moment? Then renting might be a great option to consider. Renting equipment is a great way to alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with outright puchasing equipment. And JDC is committed to getting you the best equipment for the purposes of your job. Any vacuum truck, you need for industrial or excavation, whatever the purpose, contact us today, and see all that we have available to rent.



Vacuum Excavation

Industrial Vacuum

Street Sweeper

Aerial Lift

Roll Off


With combination sewer cleaners, advanced cleaning tools, easement machines, recyclers, and more, our equipment is from the proven leader in the sewer cleaning industry. Our fleet consists of versatile options that can handle any job you have with ease.

cusco scrubber

Vacuum Excavation

Our available fleet of vacuum excavation equipment for rent are safe, fast, and precise. Mid to full size vacuum excavators with no CDL requirements, our fleet is tough enough to handle any job you may face.

cusco scrubber


The latest models for wet and dry vacuum trucks available in the industry. With the most advanced safety and productivity options available, they come prepared to work until the jobs done.

Elgin whirlwind

Street Sweeper

Looking for a truck-mounted vacuum street sweeper with outstanding quality, high performance, and built with rigorous sweeper standards? Look no further, the available inventory of street sweeter equipment available from JDC combines proven low maintenance design with extra-wide sweeping paths and short wheelbase.

Elliott M43 HiReach

Aerial Lift

With an industry-leading unrestricted side reach and 360 degree stability, the available aerial equipment from the Doheny Fleet Force allows for smooth and precise operation on worksites big and small. Our equipments multi-functional design combines material handling, an aerial work platform, and a main boom with a wide assortment of platform productivity tools all in one machine. 


Roll Off

With the most advanced Roll Off equipment in the industry, the Doheny Fleet Force has got you covered. Trust Doheny to get it done.



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