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SchellVac is specialized in fabricating Vacuum Trucks for the wastewater management and hydro excavation industry. SchellVac is recognized for the ability to build vacuum trucks and hydrovacs for almost any application. From high-end electrical components and lighting to signature aluminum fenders, they build trucks for performance. Led by Brothers Alexander and Sergej Scheller, it’s not just a company seal on every shipment that leaves the plant, it’s the reputation of their family. 


Schellvac SVHX12

  • Self-steering tag axle chassis
  • Hoisted 12ᶟ yards useable debris tank capacity
  • Interior of Tank is lined with a hard epoxy liner
  • Heavy duty Hydraulic door locks
  • Cyclone and cartridge filtration system
  • 6400 CFM –  28” Hg direct drive PD blower
  • Remote controlled 8” telescopic boom 320° rotation, 20° down tilt & 60° up tilt & 24.5’ reach
  • Aluminum 1200 US gallon fresh water capacity
  • 420,000 BTU boiler
  • Hydraulic driven pressure washer system up to 2900 PSI & 18.4 GPM

Why Buy?

With decades of experience, Schellvac has the expertise when it comes to premium hydrovac equipment. Schellvac has continously crafted the best there is to offer. And JDC has made a commitment to suppling just that for our customers. With 15 locations across the U.S. and Canada, JDC is there when you need us. Contact JDC regarding our available Schellvac hydrovac equipment today.


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