Cost savings are extremely important to any company, and renting equipment is a great way to relieve some of the financial burden. With our available sewer cleaner rental equipment, we have the piece of equipment you need to get the work done for less. Contact our team at JDC to dicuss the best options for you and your company, and inquire about our available sewer cleaner rental equipment today.

Why Rent?

Need sewer cleaner  equipment and you aren’t sure whether buying is the right decision for you and your company at the moment? Then renting might be a great option to consider. Renting equipment is a great way to elleviate some of the financial burden that comes with outright puchasing equipment. And JDC is commited to getting you the best equipment for the purposes of your job. Contact us today, and see all that we have available to rent for sewer cleaner equipment.



Vacuum Excavation

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Aerial Lift

Roll Off

Vactor 2112 / 2115 Combination Sewer Cleaner Rentals

The Vactor 2100 Plus is the premier combination sewer cleaner on the market. This unit is ideal for jetting and vacuuming sewer lines for municipalities and contractors alike. Available in 2112 and 2115 debris body configurations, these tandem-axle models can operate with flows up to 120 GPM, giving you the power you need to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Vactor 2100 Plus Catch Basin Cleaner Rentals

Equipped with a highly maneuverable boom and powerful vacuum source, the Vactor 2100 Plus CB is well suited for cleaning out rocks, dirt, leaves, litter, and other debris. Available in Centrifugal Compressor (FAN) and Positive Displacement (PD) configurations.

Vactor 2110 Combination Sewer Cleaner Rentals


The single-axle Vactor 2110 Plus Combination Sewer Cleaner is the smaller version of its larger, tandem-axle brethren. This unit is intended for those who require more maneuverability or have extraordinary weight concerns. With Vactor’s multiflow system, you can achieve maximum water conservation and optimum flow under all different operating conditions for a wide range of applications, including hydro excavation.

Truck Jetter Rentals

With the Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted jetter, instituting a regular line maintenance program is easy. Equipped with a Vactor JetRodder water pump, the Ramjet effectively breaks up blockages in sanitary lines, flushing out debris and scours sewer lines clean. The RamJet 850 is available with an innovative rear hose reel shroud and Park-N-Clean technology.

Trailer Jetter Rentals

For safe, fast response to preventative line maintenance and sewer blockages, the Vactor Ramjet is the perfect machine. The line of reliable, high-pressure water jetters are specially designed for cleaning municipal sewer and drain pipelines and culverts. With a water tank capacity of up to 1,000 gallons, the Ramjet unit is designed to provide high pressure at a low water volume.

Easement Machine Rentlas

The Trail Beast is a versatile easement machines, with attachments allowing for more adverse conditions. With the TracHorse, you can unload and travel through a 36” gate. By extending your tracks an additional 12”, offsite manholes are easy to reach. Hydraulic tools can be powered into the auxiliary tool circuit, allowing these machines to become more than just sewer cleaners.



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