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Spartan 100

The compact Spartan 100 cable drain cleaning machine. The go to machine for smaller lines. Easily transportable, and designed to last, the Spartan 100 holds up to 100′ of cable in its durable frame. With such features as it smart motor sensor, it takes some of the effort our of the job and gives you more power when you need it. The ideal machine for residential plumbers.


  • 90 Degree adjustment in work angle
  • Smart Sensor that detects if more power is needed for a blockage
  • Air operated foot switch
  • Independent rotating inner drum
  • 25′ cord

Spec Info

  • Lightweight power for 1-1/4″ to 4″ lines up to 75′
  • Allows 90° adjustment in work angle
  • Direct drive with cable-saving slip clutch
  • Air-operated foot switch
  • 25′ power cord with ground fault interrupter

Why Buy?

Jack’s Got Your Back with the Spartan tools you need to complete the job today. With available pickup, we’ve got the Spartan 100  so you can finish the job with less downtime. We’ve got replacement cables and motors if there is every an issue with your Spartan tools but with regular maintenance and cleaning, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. Built to last but with the certified experts to service your tool if need be, because Jack’s Got Your Back.

Spartan 100 Specs


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