PACP Training & Certification from The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) offers complete industry training in standardized rating, identification, and classification system for faults, problems, and defects found in sewer pipes.


Developed by NASSCO, this course ensures that all inspectors will classify pipe defects in a standard, uniform method.


PACP Program Overview


Standard Codes — Better assessment of corrosion, maintenance related problems, and a new category of features and defects relating to the rehabilitation/renewal of existing sewers.

Training & Certification of Users — Every student will be assigned a certification number that will become part of any assessments that the student provides, assuming training has been completed successfully.  This can be used as a requirement by municipalities in their specifications and will insure nationwide use of the data.

Standard PACP Data Format — Includes data dictionary that defines fields, formatting, and valid entries.

Mapping Symbology Standards — Establishing color and line-type for use in mapping basic parameters such as diameter, pipe material, depth, and condition rating.

Condition Ratings — Weighting factors are used to convert the descriptive data of the PACP codes into general categories of pipe condition. This will then focus attention on sewer segments that need further evaluation/consideration for renewal or replacement.


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