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For over 4 decades the Jack Doheny Company has been a trusted supplier of Vactor sewer cleaning equipment. We at JDC are beyound proud to be recognized as the largest dealer in North America. With 15 locations coast to coast, we have the inventory on hand our customers need and want. Contact the Jack Doheny Company today to inquire about our selection of available Vactor sewer cleaning equipment today. 


Vactor 2100i

Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100i combo sewer cleaner is built around the operator. With a revolutionary control system, superior vacuum performance, this vac truck is unmatched when it comes to operator comfort and control. Increased fuel, air routing, and filtration efficiency second to none.

Vactor iMPACT

  • Capable of continuous use up to 30 minues of running dry
  • Ability to set water flow at lower RPM
  • Manuverable and versitile design
  • Compact

Vactor 2100i Catch Basin Cleaner

Anyone who cleans catch basins every day knows it’s a labor-intensive job. The setup and tear-down procedure might take 15-30 minutes per site. Now, Vactor offers two new solution that cut the time and hassle of catch-basin cleaning: a new extendable boom and a anew Catch Basin nozzle. The new, optional boom telescopes outward five feet along with an additional five feet of vertical movement, for a dramatic increase in boom coverage.

Vacuum System

  • Single & Dual Stage Fan Systems
  • 15 in., 16 in., & 18 in. Hg PD Blowers
  • Fixed Boom
  • Optional 8 ft. Telescoping or 5 x 5
  • Debris Capacity
    5, 10, 12, & 15 cu. yd. Capacity

Vactor Ramjet

The Vactor Ramjet scours sewer lines clean with high-pressure water jetting. Instituting a regular line-maintenance program is easy with the Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted jetter. Equipped with a Vactor Jet Rodder water pump or a triplex water pump, this vac truck effectively breaks up blockages in sanitary lines and flushes out accumulating debris.

Vactor Ramjet Trailer

The Vactor RamJet jetter series are the perfect machines for fast, safe response to sewer blockages as well as regular preventative line maintenance. The line of reliable, high-pressure water jetters are specially designed for cleaning municpal sewer, drain and pipe lines and culverts. 

Available Water

  • 18 GPM at 4,000 PSI
  • 30 GPM at 3,000 PSI
  • 40 GPM at 2,000 PSI
  • 40 GPM at 3,000 PSI

Why Buy?

The Jack Doheny Company has been a trusted dealer of Vactor industrial vacuums for over 40 years. In that time, we have grown to be the largest Vactor dealer in North America, with an available service sector teamed with our certified technicians. With over 15 locations, we’ve gote the inventory onhand to meet your needs. And Give us at JDC a call right away to get you in the right vactor industrial vacuum today.


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